Port Severn Supercharger now open [Ontario]

The Port Severn Supercharger in Ontario is finally open, giving Tesla owners another spot to charge on their way to cottage country.

Construction of the Port Severn Supercharger began back in June. It looked like it might be open quickly as Tesla used their prefabricated Superchargers, meaning it could have been completed and up and running in about one week.

However the construction method is only as quick as the utility companies that need to connect it to the grid, and it apparently took a while for that to happen in Port Severn.

We have yet to receive any reports of owners plugging in to the new Supercharger, and the stations does not appear on the in-car navigation yet, but Tesla’s website shows the 12 V3 stalls are now available to owners.

The Port Severn Supercharger is located at the G&G Travel Plaza at 35 Lone Pine Rd. There a number of amenities at the site including a Tim Hortons, Pita Pit and Hero Certified Burgers.

There are also six Level 2 and one DC fast charger at the same location, although based on reports by users on Plugshare they are very unreliable and frequently out of order.

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