Tesla Supercharger in Nepean, Ontario now open

The long wait is finally over for Tesla owners in Ottawa as the new Supercharger station in Nepean is now open.

First appearing as a proposed location on Tesla’s website in 2018, the new station began construction in July. Work was completed quickly, with 8 new V3 Supercharger stalls installed in a matter of weeks.

But the station remained idle for several months as eager Tesla owners waited for the switch to be flipped. We are happy to report that has now happened, as the first owner reported receiving a charge earlier today.

This will be a welcomed addition to the Ottawa area as the nearest (and only) Supercharger in the region is at the CF Rideau Centre. That location is not ideal as it is an Urban Supercharger (72kW), and users have to pay for parking while charging.

What is interesting about this new site is the Superchargers can be accessed from either side, as there are parking spaces on both sides for 6 of the 8 stalls. The lines don’t exactly match up, so some creativity may be needed to access them from the other side.

This will hopefully help with the eventual “ICE’ing” of the Superchargers as four of the stalls are marked for “15 Minute General Parking”, and the other four as reserved for EV charging only.

You can find the new Nepean Supercharger in the Canadian Tire parking lot at Bells Corners, located at 2135 Robertson Road.

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