Tesla Model Y now comes with double pane windows [Update]

A change that we first expected to see on the refreshed Tesla Model 3 has made its debut appearance in its big brother, the Model Y.

We first reported earlier this week that the new Model 3 was confirmed by the automaker to be coming with “better soundproofing.” While we didn’t know exactly what that meant, we had a pretty good idea based on a change to the online parts catalog which was recently updated to include laminated glass.

Now the first Model Y’s with the new glass have appeared. According to u/OrbitalATK on Reddit, he received his 2021 Model Y with a 63XXX VIN yesterday with the new glass.

Tesla Model Y double pane window
Image via Reddit

Update: Here is a clearer picture of the new glass thanks to Tesla Raj.

From the picture we can clearly see the thicker glass on the driver side window. As with the Model 3 catalog, the Model Y parts catalog also shows the new glass is just on the front driver and passenger windows.

Tesla Model Y parts catalog windows

Even though we weren’t expecting it, it is not surprising that this change first appears on the Model Y. The first deliveries of the refreshed Model 3’s won’t be happening for a few more weeks, as initial estimates have them starting in mid to late November.

We’ll no doubt see many tests over the coming weeks showing us how much of a difference this change makes to the cabin noise inside both the Model 3 and Model Y.

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