Watch a Tesla Model Y get very wet while off-roading

Tesla Model Y off-roading

While the Tesla Model Y does come with an “off-road assist mode” to make it more capable when taken off the beaten path, CEO Elon Musk probably didn’t think owners would do this with it. Or maybe he did.

A Twitter user by the name of Adeelkhan recently showed off the impressive off-roading capabilities of the electric SUV by getting it almost completely submerged.

According to Adeelkhan’s profile, his Model Y has been modified with a set of 29″ all-terrain tires, much beefier than what comes standard at delivery. It also has a 1.75″ suspension lift kit installed.

Tesla Model Y sand dunes Image via @Adeelkh52712418 /Twitter

Clearly not afraid to get his car into difficult situations, Adeelkhan took his dad with on a recent off-roading adventure when they came across what looked like a large puddle. Since it was the only way to their destination, they crossed it only to realize it wasn’t so much a puddle as it was a small lake.

Since they had to cross it again on their way home, the pair decided to film the return journey and caught this amazing video of the Model Y getting very, very wet.

If you’re wondering how the electric vehicle handles this much water, the batteries are actually waterproof and as Adeelkhan says, his Model Y was unaffected. While it’s not recommended, Musk has even said the Model S can float and become a boat for a short period of time.

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Editor’s note: this article has been updated to better reflect the situation, including adding the suspension lift kit.

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