Tesla Model 3 approved as New York City’s first EV cab

Earlier this month we saw Green Cab in Wisconsin switch from an all-hybrid fleet of Toyota Prius’ to an all-electric fleet of Model 3’s. Now New York City has officially granted approval to the 2019 Model 3 to be used a cab in the Big Apple.

NYC taxi approved vehicle listThe 2019 Model 3 was granted approval for the Unrestricted Medallion with no accessibility requirement from the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. Interestingly, it was not approved with the Alternative Fuel medallion, as it appears to be limited to hybrid vehicles only.

It appears that more and more companies are considering Tesla Model 3 for commercial purposes. With a vehicle that, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is capable of lasting 1.6 million kms, with a battery lasting up to 800,000kms, it makes financial sense to consider an electric vehicle fleet for purposes such as a taxi. Combine that with the low to no maintenance costs required, and it almost becomes a no-brainer.

That doesn’t even take into consideration Tesla’s Robotaxi plans, where users would be able to summon a nearby Tesla to have it drive them autonomously to their desired destination.

The future is looking bright, and very exciting for Tesla.

h/t [Electrek]

Featured image, with some modifications by TIC, from xautoworld.com/tesla

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