Tesla to deliver 10 Cybertrucks on November 30: Javier Verdura

Tesla is preparing for what may be its biggest party ever, the Cybertruck Delivery Event. With the event less than two weeks away, we now know how many Cybertrucks will be delivered at Giga Texas on November 30.

The information comes directly from Tesla’s Global Director, Product Design, Javier Verdura, who was in Monterrey, Mexico this week for the Jorge L. Garza UdeM conference. During his address, which covered a wide range of topics from his 12 years with Tesla, he included a tidbit about the upcoming Cybertruck delivery event. According to Verdura, Tesla will deliver a total of 10 Cybertrucks at Giga Texas at the end of the month.

“We are going to deliver the first 10,” Verdura said (via Milenio).

This number might be a lot lower than what some fans were hoping for, especially after seeing truckloads of Cybertrucks leaving Giga Texas for the last several weeks. However it lines up with what Tesla did with the launch of the Model Y from Giga Texas, meaning these 10 will likely to go to employees first as well, since we won’t learn more about pricing and specs for the Cybertruck until the delivery event.

But just because Verdura said they are delivering 10 at the event, that doesn’t mean the company won’t deliver more in the next few days and weeks after the event. The event is of course live, with thousands in attendance, so it wouldn’t make sense to deliver dozens on that night, instead handing them over to the new owners in a more relaxed setting.

Drive Tesla will be at Giga Texas on November 30, so be sure to follow us on X (formerly Twitter) for live updates during the Cybertruck Delivery Event.

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