Tesla starts construction on second Supercharger in Calgary [Alberta]

The City of Calgary had a grand total of zero Tesla Superchargers earlier this summer, but it will soon have two as a second Supercharger station has been discovered under construction in the city.

The first Supercharger appeared in July in front of the Mark’s Warehouse at the South Trail Crossing shopping center, where 8 V3 Supercharger stalls were being installed. While Tesla had not revealed any plans for a second Supercharger, another has been discovered about 20 minutes north.

Discovered by @virtualtouryyc on Instagram, a 12 stall Supercharger is currently going in just north of the BMO Center in a vacant lot on the corner of 11 Ave SE and Macleod Trail.

As you can see from the photos, Tesla is using their prefabricated Supercharger installation method, in which the banks of 4 Superchargers each are put together off site, then brought to the location and simply placed in the ground and connected to the utilities. This method greatly increases the speed at which Tesla can install an entire Supercharger station, as short as 8 days, but the bottle neck in getting it actually turned on lies with the local utility provider.

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