Tesla sexual harassment suit in California will proceed in court

Credit: Tesla

Tesla will not be able to take a sexual harassment suit in its Fremont facility to arbitration.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stephen Kaus ruled that the complaint could proceed in court even though the female worker signed an arbitration agreement giving up her right to sue the company.

Tesla sought arbitration for the female employee’s allegations under California’s employment discrimination laws. However, the company did not seek arbitration for her claims under different state laws about labour violations.

Kaus issued a single-sentence order denying Tesla’s request. He did not provide his reasoning, according to Bloomberg.

The female employee noted that she experienced “nightmarish” conditions as a night-shift worker at Tesla’s Fremont plant. She faced repeated lewd comments and gestures from both supervisors and co-workers. Then, when she complained to supervisors and human resources, they failed to take action.

No court date is set for the case, but it is on the docket.

Tesla is also facing separate suits by at least six other female employees at the Fremont plant for sexual harassment.

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