Elon Musk invites the United Auto Workers union to hold a vote at Tesla’s Fremont factory

Tesla Fremont
Credit: Dai Sugano /Bay Area News Group

Elon Musk has invited the United Auto Workers labour union to hold a vote at Tesla’s Fremont factory via a Twitter exchange.

The invitation comes after Musk engaged with a tweet from President Biden during the State of the Union.

Musk replied to the official Joe Biden account. He tweeted that Tesla created over 50,000 jobs in the EV space compared to Ford, which produced 11,000 and GM with 4,000 jobs.

However, a quote tweet from an unlikely source created the invitation.

Kiss bassist and singer Gene Simmons quote tweeted Musk and noted that Biden’s Tesla snub may have been “because Tesla is non-union and moved to Texas, a ‘right to work state.”

You can check out Elon Musk’s reply down below

This is an interesting turn for Musk, who has previously been found guilty of sabotaging union efforts in California back in 2018.

Last month, National Labor Relations Board ordered Musk to delete tweets that constituted threats to unionizing workers. Tesla is currently appealing the order from the board.

It will be interesting to track if the United Auto Workers union takes Musk up on the offer to hold a vote, and if they do, if it would be successful.

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