Tesla Service Manual confirms Model S/X with HW4 has dummy front camera

Tesla has started delivering Model S and Model X vehicles with the latest Hardware 4.0 self-driving computer, even though the automaker hasn’t officially announced its introduction or provided any details about its specs. Many were expecting HW4 to introduce additional cameras however a look at the Service Manuals confirms that Tesla has reduced them, at least for now.

Late last year an internal document leaked from China showing the three forward facing cameras were being reduced to just two. That information was contradicted a few months later when hacker @greentheonly performed a teardown of an early HW4 unit, which showed the computer had additional camera inputs.

Matters were complicated even more when the first confirmed deliveries of vehicles equipped with HW4 took place and there were still three forward facing cameras. There was speculation one of those cameras was a dummy camera, based on the previous information and the lack of red tint on the left-most camera.

This has now been confirmed by Tesla’s Service Manual, which now states “the bi-camera assembly has cutouts for 3 camera lens assemblies, but one of the cutouts is populated with a dummy camera.” (h/t: @SawyerMerritt)

An image is included in the manual also confirming it is the left cutout that has no camera.

While Tesla has reduced the number of forward facing cameras as expected, they have also added a radar unit back to the front bumper. Based on what we have heard we are also expecting Tesla to add new cameras to the front and rear bumpers, but that won’t happen until later year.

The Service Manual has a lot of other information related to HW4 related to the radar, rear camera, and much more. It even has a section on how to replace the computer, although owners of vehicles equipped with HW3 should not expect a retrofit.

You can access the Tesla Service Manuals for free here. You will have to subscribe but the annual membership option is complimentary.

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