Tesla close to securing site of former Volvo dealership to open first Service Center in Victoria, B.C.

Tesla wants to open its second Service Center in British Columbia, and has been eyeing potential locations in the province’s capital city on Vancouver Island over the last several months.

Drive Tesla was first to report of the potential expansion to Victoria in September. Tesla’s President of Automotive Jerome Guillen posted to Linkedin the company was looking for potential Service Center locations in several locations in California, one in New York and Florida, and also Victoria.

After our report, we received several tips of possible locations for Tesla, with some of them being far outside Guillen’s desired area.

One location that came up frequently, and seemed the most credible, was the site of the former Volvo dealership which moved to its new location earlier this year.

The site, located at 2735 Douglas Street, is a prime location and fits all of the criteria listed by Guillen. Based on several pieces of information, we believe Tesla has selected this location, and an announcement will be made soon.

2735 Douglas St
Image via Google Maps

Perhaps the most telling piece of evidence that a location has been selected is from Guillen himself, who posted again on LinkedIn last month he was “still looking” for locations for Service Centers. Noticeably missing from the list was Victoria.

To further substantiate the possible deal, the for sale/sub-lease listing with Colliers International is also now missing from their website.

Finally, in discussions with market participants in the area, they believe Tesla is close to signing on the dotted line, with the final details still being negotiated.

While any deal can still collapse before it is official and the ink is dry, all signs are pointing to Tesla opening its second Service Center in B.C. soon.

Tesla is rapidly expanding its presence in Canada. This week a new showroom opened in Kitchener, Ontario. We also reported earlier this week that Tesla had secured a site in Saskatoon to open the first location in Saskatchewan. Further job postings point to the automaker seeking to open locations in Surrey, B.C., Winnipeg, and Halifax.

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