Tesla Service Center coming soon to Victoria, British Columbia [Update]

British Columbia has the highest rate of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in North America, with a large portion of those being Tesla vehicles.

The province has only one Tesla Service Center in Vancouver to service over 10,000 Tesla vehicles, but there will be a second one coming soon to Vancouver Island.

Tesla’s President of Automotive Jerome Guillen, known for his work on the Tesla Semi project, recently posted to Linkedin the company is looking for potential Service Center locations in several locations in California, one in New York and Florida, and also Victoria, B.C.

Guillen notes in his post Tesla is looking for locations that are at least 15,000 square feet in size, with a preference given to properties previously used or zoned for automotive uses.

UPDATE: Rumours are ciculating that Tesla has chosen what used to be the Volvo dealership in Victoria on the corner of Douglas Street and Hillside Avenue. In a response to a request for more information, Tesla would only say they have no news to share at this time and they will reach out when they do.

Tesla owners on Vancouver Island will be especially excited about this development. There are currently two Mobile Service Rangers that serve the entire island, but if you need a major service you have to take a several hour trip, including a 2 hour ferry ride, to get to the Service Center in Vancouver.

If anyone knows of any potential locations on Vancouver Island that fit the criteria, please reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca, and we can get it to the appropriate people at Tesla.

h/t @arctechinc via Tesla Owners Club Vancouver Island

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