Tesla rolls out FSD v12 to legacy Model S/X and new Model 3

Tesla deployed its latest version of Full Self-Driving (Supervised) on Wednesday with the release of software update 2024.3.15. What is notable about this release is that it is the first time FSD v12 has gone out to legacy Model S and Model X owners, as well as owners of the new Model 3.

Tesla first released FSD v12 to the masses earlier this month, giving all eligible owners a free one month trial of the driver-assist software, including owners that had just taken delivery of their car. While the release went to a large portion of owners, legacy Model S/X owners were left out due to their older hardware, even though that segment was the first to purchase FSD Capability for their cars.

We later learned from Rohan Patel, Vice President, Public Policy and Business Development at Tesla, the company was working hard to bring FSD v12 to this group of owners, which totaled about 3% of all FSD eligible vehicles, but no timeline was given as to when to expect it to be released.

As it turns out, it wasn’t very long. On Wednesday Tesla released software update 2024.3.15, which included a new version of FSD (Supervised), v12.3.4, which went out to legacy Model S/X owners for the first time.

Also included in this rollout was the new Model 3, which has been without any version of FSD since its release earlier this year.

While this is good news for legacy Model S/X owners and owners of the new Model 3, it is not great new for a large portion of owners on software version 2024.8.7 or 2024.8.9 that have yet to receive the FSD trial.

Since this version is still on the 2024.3 branch, that means these owners will have to continue to wait for FSD to merge on to the 2024.8 branch before they have a chance of receiving v12 and the 30 day trial.

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