Swedish Union Says No Trash Pickup for Tesla Until a Collective Agreement Is Reached

In a display of solidarity with striking Tesla employees, Sweden’s Transport Workers’ Union is refusing to collect trash from the automaker’s facilities unless a collective bargaining agreement is reached. The union’s announcement adds another layer to the ongoing labour dispute that started in late October.

The union has set a December 24 deadline for Tesla to sign a collective agreement; otherwise, the company will have to manage its own garbage, Reuters reports.

The conflict between Tesla and Swedish labour groups has gained more momentum as the Transport Workers’ Union joined the protest, following the lead of other unions. Mechanics, dockworkers, postal workers, and even a pension fund have all taken part in various strikes and actions against the automaker. The IF Metall union seeks a collective labour agreement, a common practice in Scandinavian countries that allows negotiations on wages and working conditions.

This is despite data showing only a small minority of Tesla employees are actually participating in the strike.

The labour dispute has not been limited to Sweden alone, as unions in Denmark, Norway, and Finland have pledged solidarity by refusing to unload or transport Teslas destined for the Swedish market. The strike has also disrupted other aspects of Tesla’s business, such as license plate deliveries and the cleaning of its facilities.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, expressed frustration with the strikes, labeling the job actions as “insane.” Despite legal battles initiated by Tesla, including a lawsuit against the Swedish Transport Agency, the company has faced challenges in overturning decisions that support the striking workers.

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