SpaceX job posting reveals plans to develop Super Heavy Booster catch tower

Falcon Heavy catch tower
Image via Mini3D /YouTube

Late last year SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed some grandiose plans to catch the Super Heavy Booster after its decent back to earth. It looks like he wants that to happen sooner rather than later based on a recent SpaceX job posting.

In the ‘Vehicle Systems Software Engineer’ job posting, the role description says the successful applicant(s) will work on developing the necessary software to support a Super Heavy launch/catch tower.

SpaceX job posting

In a series of tweets in December, Musk said the launch/catch tower would help make the Super Heavy Booster ready to re-launch in as little as one hour.

As noted by Musk, the new maneuver would redirect the stress of a landing onto the grid fins. Those are located near the top of the booster and help steer the rocket on its descent.

He also didn’t rule out still using legs to land the booster like they do now with the Falcon 9 Boosters.

You can watch a fan’s rendering of the proposed catch tower below.

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