Tesla working to bring FSD v12 to legacy Model S and Model X

Tesla is actively working to develop a version of Full Self-Driving (Supervised) v12 that will work for the company’s earliest FSD adopters, owners of legacy Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla released the latest version of their FSD software to almost every owner in North America over the weekend, coinciding with the wide release of FSD v12.3.3 and the automaker’s new end-to-end neural networks. What is unique about this release is that it is even going to owners who haven’t purchased FSD Capability, currently $16,000 in Canada and $12,000 in the US, as Tesla is giving all hardware-capable vehicles a free 30 day trial of the software.

The rollout of v12 has been particularly annoying to a small but vocal group of Tesla early adopters who were among the first to fork out the money and pay for FSD. That is because there is currently no version of FSD v12 that works for legacy Model S and Model X, or pre-refresh vehicles that don’t feature the latest hardware.

Making matters worse, Tesla has been quiet on the rollout of v12, providing no specifics on who should be getting it and when.

Fortunately one company executive that has become quite active on X (formerly Twitter) has provided an official update, and there is good news for legacy Model S and Model X owners, although you might have to wait a little while longer.

Rohan Patel, Tesla’s Vice President, Public Policy and Business Development, says there is currently no timeline for when it will be ready, but that Tesla’s AI team is working hard to bring FSD v12 to this group of owners, which number about 3% of eligible FSD vehicles.

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