Tesla drops ‘Beta’ tag for Full Self-Driving software, launches ‘FSD (Supervised)’

Tesla has dropped the word Beta from the name of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software. The name change took place when the company when released the latest version, v12.3.3, to the masses over the weekend along with a free one month trial of the software.

Tesla first launched FSD Beta back in October 2020, limiting it to not much more than a handful of public testers in the US. The program has expanded significantly since then, going out to hundreds of thousands of more testers in the US, and also expanding north of the border into Canada in 2022.

The FSD software has also changed significantly since then, having gone through a number of revisions, and even a complete re-write after Elon Musk decided ‘Tesla Vision,’ relying only on the vehicle’s cameras and no other sensors, was the way to reach full autonomy.

Tesla’s engineers also put FSD through another major change recently, switching to end-to-end neural networks to control the vehicle’s behaviours, instead of over 300,000 lines of code. Before this version was released to the public, Musk said last year it will be the first version to no longer be “beta.”

While the first few releases of v12 still kept the FSD Beta moniker, Musk has kept to his word and Tesla has switched to a new name for the driver-assist software – FSD (Supervised).

The new FSD (Supervised) name was first included in the 2024.3.10 software update released on Saturday, which included FSD (Supervised) v12.3.3.

Tesla, and Musk’s, confidence in FSD is apparent, with employees now required to give FSD demo drives to new customers and to owners getting their car back from service. And of course, Tesla is now giving around 2.2 million owners a one month trial of FSD to increase exposure to the software, and hopefully convert skeptics into believers who will purchase FSD Capability, which currently costs $16,000 in Canada and $12,000 in the US.

Owners in the US can also subscribe to FSD for US$199 per month. While the subscription option isn’t available in Canada yet, it will become available this month, before the 30 day trial ends. No pricing has been announced, but using the US price as a guide, it will likely be around C$270 per month here.

Have you tried out FSD (Supervised) yet? Let us know what your experience has been in the comments below. You can also watch a couple of videos of my first drives below.

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