Tesla removes referral section from owner accounts hinting at the end of the current program

Tesla’s website was down for several hours yesterday, leaving owners unable to access their accounts through either their computer or mobile app.


Access was eventually restored, but not without an important change. The referral section, where owners can track the number of orders placed with their unique referral code, was missing from the homepage.

Tesla referral missing

The change did not however affect the mobile app. Both the Loot Box and the ability to share your unique referral link were still available.

Referral app

Even though the ability to earn referrals and free Supercharger credits is still active, the removal of the section from the website could mark the beginning of the end of the program as we currently know it.

Earlier this month it was reported that Tesla was preparing to change the program by getting rid of referral links. Instead, the automaker would move to incentive in-person referrals, where an owner and potential owner could link their apps and if a purchase is made, the owner would get rewarded.

The reason for the possible change is the high cost of the current program. Providing free Supercharger credits apparently cost Tesla as much as $23 million in the first quarter of this year.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on any further changes and let you know as soon as they take place.

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