Tesla updating referral program to get rid of referral links and incentivize in-person referrals: Report

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One of the perks of being a Tesla owner is the ability to earn referral awards. Most recently those referral awards have been in the form of free Supercharger credits, but in the past they could even get you a free Roadster.

The way the program currently works is that whenever someone purchases a Tesla using your referral link, no matter where in the world they are, you get 1,500km (1,000 miles) of free Supercharging. Based on a report by Electrek, Tesla is apparently going to get rid of referral links, and instead move to a system that rewards in-person referrals.

While the final details have yet to be finalized, the new program will reportedly be based out of a redesigned app that is coming soon. The new app will have more features for non-owners and owners alike, one of them being the ability to facilitate test drives. Another will allow non-owners to link their account with an existing owner’s app, and if that person ends up buying a Tesla, the linked owner gets the reward.

According to the report, the current referral program has cost Tesla as much as $23 million in Q1 2021. A change to in-person referrals would certainly decrease that.

Nothing has been confirmed by the automaker, but we’ll let you know if and when it becomes official.


Source: Electrek

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