Elon Musk provides next-gen Tesla Roadster update, and production has been pushed back again

Elon Musk has provided an update on the next-generation Tesla Roadster a the 2023 Annual Shareholder meeting at Giga Texas this afternoon, and the news is not that good for those who have made a reservation.

The next-generation Tesla Roadster was first revealed in 2017, nearly six years ago, alongside the Tesla Semi. Both EVs were initially targeted to begin production in 2019, but that timeline was pushed back several times since then, mainly due to battery constraints as the automaker’s cell supply was reserved for ramping production of the Model 3, and subsequently the Model Y.

While the Semi finally entered production last year and the first deliveries were made to PepsiCo, the most recent update from Tesla on Roadster production indicated it would start in 2023. That timeline has been pushed back yet again, and the exact start date for production is still vague. According to Musk, the automaker is expecting to complete the engineering and design this year, and will “hopefully” start production in 2024.

Part of the reason the Roadster has been delayed so many times is that it is a niche product that will have limited production, and as noted the company has had more important priorities in the years since it was announced. Musk reiterated this point today, saying:

“It’s not even the icing on the cake, it’s the cherry on the icing on the cake. It’s definitely not going to be a huge contributor to revenue, it will be a modest contributor to profitability, but it will be siiiick,” Musk said.

He also reiterated that it is going to come with a SpaceX thruster package, something that will make it “truly next level.” Musk has previously said this option package will make the Roadster “part rocket,” and initial specs show the company is targeting a 0-60mph time of just 1.1 seconds.

If you hesitated in placing your order you have missed on out on the Founders Series Roadster, which initially came with a $322,000 CAD or $250,000 USD price tag. Tesla has since removed the Founders Series and all pricing from the website, but still requires a $64,000 CAD or $50,000 USD deposit to secure your spot in line. Or if you’re one of the lucky owners who earned 110 referrals a few years ago, you could get two of them for free.

Tesla Roadster with SpaceX thruster package will reach 60mph in 1.1 seconds

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