Take a look inside Tesla’s Supercharger factory in China as the first domestically made station opens in Shenzhen [Video]

Tesla has announced the first domestically made Supercharger station has officially opened in the city of Shenzhen, China.

Company officials were on hand to commemorate the opening of the 9 stall V3 Supercharger station on Thursday, May 20.

Supercharger Shenzen 2
Image via @JayinShanghai /Twitter
Supercharger Shenzen 2
Image via @JayinShanghai /Twitter

It was a particularly important opening for the automaker as all 9 stalls were made in Tesla’s new Supercharger factory in China. The factory was first announced in November last year, and construction was finished and opened just three months later.

At full capacity it will produce up to 10,000 V3 Superchargers annually. Tesla also released a short video to show some of what it takes to manufacture a Supercharger, also showing some of the extensive testing that takes place before it is packed up for shipping.

You can check the video out below.

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