Ford F-150 Lightning price in Canada will be higher than in the US, but it will also come with more standard features

When Ford announced the pricing for the F-150 Lightning on Wednesday, one of the automaker’s biggest talking points was its starting price of “under $40,000” in the US.

That headline was a little misleading. The $39,974 USD price tag is only for the commercial-oriented version of the truck targeted at fleet owners. It also won’t be available until sometime after the official launch in mid-2022.

If you want the truck when it does launch, you’ll have to pay much more than that. The mid-series XLT model with the standard range 230 mile (402km) battery starts at $52,974 USD. Pricing to upgrade to the extended range 300 mile (482km) battery has not been announced.

The truck gets even more expensive when you cross into Canada. The commercial version will start at $58,000, $10,000 more than in the US when doing a straight conversion.

Moving up a trim level to the XLT pushes the starting price $68,000, about $4,000 more than when converting the US price.

To help offset the sting of paying more than our friends in the US, Ford Canada tells us the F-150 Lightning XLT will come with more standard features in Canada.

It will include as standard equipment Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist 2.0, heated front seats, power down tailgate, LED box lighting with zone lighting, rain-sensing wipers, the 20-inch dark carbonized grey aluminum wheels, and Ford’s 9.6-kW Pro Power Onboard system.

You can reserve the F-150 Lightning on Ford Canada’s website with just a $100 refundable deposit. CEO Jim Farley revealed yesterday they had received 12,000 reservations in the first 12 hours after the unveiling.

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