Tesla is hoping to restart production at Giga Shanghai on Friday, but new lockdowns might make that difficult

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai has already been shutdown for nearly two weeks as the country experiences a surge in COVID-19 cases.

The 10 day production pause is already the longest the factory has experienced since it opened in late 2019.

Tesla is hoping to end that streak and reopen on Friday, April 8, according to a note sent to employees and suppliers obtained by Bloomberg.

However, extended lockdowns in Shanghai make that possibility unlikely.

Residents of several Shanghai neighbourhoods were informed of a new 14 day lockdown period on Wednesday.

Since the shutdown began on March 28, we have not really seen the impacts of zero cars being produced at Giga Shanghai.

The automaker was still able to report record deliveries in the first quarter, but as the shutdown lags on, Tesla’s Q2 numbers might be seriously impacted.

Sea of Teslas spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao Port waiting for export

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