Shanghai extends lockdown indefinitely putting Giga Shanghai’s April production in jeopardy

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai has been shut down since March 28, making the almost two-week production pause the longest in the factory’s short history.

The factory was forced to close due to lockdowns across the city to help battle a surge in COVID-19.

Despite that, over 20,000 new cases have been reported for three days in a row, pushing the total number of cases in Shanghai to 131,000, nearly three times as many as during the original outbreak in 2019.

As a result, residents of Shanghai were notified on Friday the lockdown has been extended indefinitely.

This now puts the likelihood of Tesla being able to record at least some production at Giga Shanghai in the month of April in jeopardy. 

Even if Giga Shanghai is able to restart production in late April, deliveries would still be impacted into May as Tesla will still be facing delays in getting the vehicles into customer’s hands.

All of this would deal a serious blow to the automaker’s Q2 production and delivery figures.

Giga Shanghai accounted for nearly half of Tesla’s 936,000 deliveries last year, and delivered well over 100,000 vehicles in the first three months of the year.

Tesla was still able to start off 2022 on the right foot and set more records in the first quarter, but if this shutdown continues for much longer, the Q2 report will look very different.

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