Musk confirms FSD Beta has over 100,000 users – [Video]

In an exclusive sit down with TED released last night, Elon Musk revealed that the Full Self-Driving Beta has over 100,000 people in it.

This is a massive increase from the 60,000 FSD Beta testers in the United States in late January 2022.

That is a 40,000 + increase in just 2.5 months for those at home.

Musk did not confirm if this 100,000 number includes Chinese and Canadian testers, but we can assume it does.

However, this is just the beginning, as Tesla indicated that Europeans would also enter the beta program as early as this summer.

Musk also confirmed that he believes that 2022 is when FSD goes out of beta.

Musk joked that he and Chris could be sitting down a year from now and saying, ” well, there goes another year”. However, it is very evident that Musk believes in his technology.

He also noted that driving around Austin, he rarely has to intervene in his own Tesla while operating under FSD.

You can check out the small clip down below where Elon made the comments.

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