Tesla raises Superchargers rates in Norway by more than 50%

Tesla Supercharger Varangerbotn
Photo by Thomas Nilsen /The Barents Observer

Tesla owners in Norway are going to have to start paying a bit more money soon when they pull up to a Supercharger.

The automaker first introduced paid Supercharging in Norway in 2017. In the nearly four years since, rates charged to drivers have stayed almost the same except for a minor adjustment in 2019.

That is going to change on February 2, 2021. Tesla will be adjusting the pricing from 1.70 NOK ($0.25 CAD) to 2.57 NOK ($0.38 CAD), an increase of 51%.

Even with the price increase, the Supercharger network is still the most affordable in the country.

According to Tesla Norway’s Even Sandvold, the increase is a result of the automaker’s significant investment in the country’s Supercharger network. There are already 1,006 Supercharger stalls at 72 stations, with plans to add more than 30 stations in 2021.

Norway is home to the two northernmost Superchargers in the world. In November last year the station in Varangerbotn held that title, until just this week when a new Supercharger opened in Skaidi.

Source: Tesla Owners Club Norway

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