Electric vehicle adoption in Norway reaches more than 50% as Tesla posts strong annual sales

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If there was any question as to where the highest rate of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the world was, the 2020 sales figures for Norway put that doubt to rest.

Pushed by the Norwegian government’s plans to ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2025 and strong incentives, EV sales in Norway reached an all-time high of 54% of new vehicle sales in 2020.

The numbers were even more impressive for the month of December with 66.7% of the more than 20,000 new vehicles registered being electric.

Tesla had a big hand to play in those figures, selling 7,770 Model 3’s during the year, enough for second place behind the Audi e-tron (9,227). December was a particularly strong month for Tesla, selling 4,232, or 54% of its annual sales in that one month alone.

The third most popular EV in the country was the new VW ID.3, selling 7,754 units in the year, just 16 fewer than the Model 3.

Source: InsideEVs & MarketWatch

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