Tesla Model 3 now comes with HEPA filters. Could Bioweapon Defense Mode be next? [Update]

Tesla recently added two massive HEPA filters and Bioweapon Defense Mode to the Model Y in China. According to an email from the automaker in Germany, the Model 3 also now has one of those features.

The email was sent to customers this weekend, advertising a new low price leasing option for the Model 3. But leasing isn’t the only thing mentioned in the email, as it also says “every” Model 3 now comes with “medical quality” HEPA air filters.

UPDATE February 1, 2021: Tesla has sent a new email correcting their mistake, saying the Model 3 does not come with HEPA filters.

The inclusion of HEPA filters is a nice addition, but does not necessarily mean Bioweapon Defense Mode is also now a standard feature.

There are already aftermarket HEPA filters available for purchase, but the current location of the filters in the passenger footwell area is too small for the size that would be required.

The Model S/X/Y, all of which have Bioweapon Defense Mode, have their HEPA filters located in the frunk. CEO Elon Musk has said numerous times before the frunk of the Model 3 is simply too small for them to be added to the electric sedan.

But Tesla did recently redesign the Model 3 frunk to add the heat pump, so maybe there is now enough space to add them?

Will Tesla add Bioweapon Defense Mode for the Model 3? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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