The City of Victoria hopes to add 650 public EV chargers over five years

The City of Victoria is taking their next step in funding electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure with a plan to build 650 public EV chargers over the next five years.

The plan will see the city spending $8.5 million to build the public EV charging network. These 650 chargers include at least 33 fast-charging ports, adding 100 km of range in a 30-minute charge.

The rest of the 650 EV chargers will be level 2 chargers.

The city aims to secure federal funding to help support the procuring and installation of the chargers.

Last month, the City of Victoria adopted the Electric Vehicle and Electric Mobility Strategy at the council level. The strategy will aim to have 30 per cent of Victoria‘s passenger vehicles be full EVs by 2030, reports Saanich News.

In addition to the EV chargers, the strategy also includes $2.1 million to support the use of electric bikes, scooters, skateboards and wheelchairs in the community.

As well, the strategy has $1.27 million set aside for adding 5,280 electrified parking stalls to buildings. All of these electrifications will be retrofits to existing buildings.

Finally, the City of Victoria also mandated that all new developments include charging capacity.

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