Tesla planning 200 stall Supercharger in Florida

Tesla is planning to build what may become the world’s largest Supercharger in Florida, with the station coming in at a massive 200 stalls.

Tesla’s Supercharger network had humble beginnings, with the company launching the first six stations in California back in 2012. In the early days the stations were small, both in the total number of stations, and also the number of Supercharging posts at each station.

A lot has changed since then, with the Supercharger network now approaching 60,000 charging posts at over 6,200 stations around the world. A lot of that growth has been in California, the state with the highest number of Tesla vehicles in the US. As a result California is also home to several of the world’s largest Supercharger stations.

Earlier this year we told you about Tesla’s plan to build a 164 stall station in Kern County, California, which would dwarf the current title holder of world’s largest Supercharger, Harris Ranch at 98 stalls.

The yet-to-be-built station in Kern County didn’t stay the largest for very long, as Tesla is now proposing to build a 200 stall station, except this time on the other side of the country in Yeehaw Junction, Florida.

According to plans uncovered by Supercharger sleuth Marco, the site will feature 160 prefabricated Supercharger units (PSUs), plus an additional 40 standalone Superchargers, 8 of which will be pull-through stalls for those towing trailers or campers.

The plans above are preliminary plans, which haven’t been approved and are still in the design phase. Osceola County, where the station is located, could require Tesla to make changes to the design, changes which could ultimately decrease the number of stalls that will be built. The plans also don’t show if there will be any solar canopies, which would make sense given the region has an average of 236 sunny day per year.

Additionally, the plans don’t explicitly state whether this station will feature V3 or V4 Supercharger posts, but based on the placement of each post in the plans, it appears as though this will be a V4 station. Tesla has already used their prefabricated installation method for a new station in New York.

Meanwhile in Canada, Tesla opened the largest Supercharger station north of the border last year in Richmond, British Columbia. While it is the largest in Canada at 44 stalls, it still pales in comparison to the mega-sized Supercharger stations in the US.

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