Tesla orders Cybertruck drive unit production equipment: Report

Although the Tesla Cybertruck has been riddled with delays, it looks like the much anticipated electric truck is getting closer to production.

According to a report from the German publication teslamag, Tesla has started ordering machines to produce drive units for the Cybertruck from German manufacturers. Of note, these manufacturers also supply equipment for Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai.

According to industry sources that provided the information, the machines are being built and are scheduled to produce the first parts at Giga Texas in July 2023. If running at full capacity, these new machines can reportedly deliver around 750,000 drive units per year.

While we haven’t been able to confirm this report, the July 2023 timeline matches up with recent comments from Elon Musk that the Cybertruck’s design has been finalized and that it will enter production in mid-2023.

In terms of equipment for the Cybertruck, we have only seen confirmations around the order for a die-casting machine from IDRA Group, which showed off a massive 9,000 ton Giga Press last month in Italy. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the machine was for the Cybertruck’s body.

IDRA has delivered other, smaller Giga Press machines for the Model Y to Fremont and Giga Texas.

Although this order does not confirm the production date, it does point towards Tesla starting to prepare for production now that the design has been finalized.

Source: teslamag

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