Placerville Police in California purchase Tesla Model 3

Another police force in the US has started the transition to electric. The Placerville Police Department in California announced this week the purchase of a Tesla Model 3.

In a post to Twitter, the Placerville PD said the purchase was made possible thanks to a grant from the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District, AB 2766.

According to city documents, the grant application was made in the fall of 2020. The city requested the full amount available under the program of $36,800. The application was approved by El Dorado County Board Supervisors and a funding agreement was provided on March 1st.

The city spent a total of $40,990 on the Standard Range Plus Model 3.

The Tesla has already been outfitted with emergency equipment, and will be used as an unmarked police car for administrative use. It will be replacing a 2005 Jeep Liberty, which according to a staff report “has become unreliable and unsafe as an emergency vehicle.”

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