New video shows Giga Press at Giga Texas in action

While Tesla waits to receive the final approvals to begin production of customer cars at Giga Texas, crews have been building hundreds of test vehicles to validate and fine tune the production line equipment.

Part of that testing has been for the IDRA Giga Press, which produces single piece front and rear castings for the Model Y.

Tesla has already installed at least three of the massive machines inside Giga Texas, and a new video has surfaced on YouTube showing one of them in action.

The video is taken from an elevated walkway, and shows several robots (and humans) working together to create a casting.

The video speed has been increased, so it is tough to tell how long the process takes, but based on similar footage from Fremont, it should take around 90 seconds or less.

We can also see another Giga Press machine just below the camera, and a third at the top of the frame, but neither appear to be in operation at the time the video was taken.

The video also includes a few still images of the stamping area of Giga Texas.

The video was uploaded on February 4, but there is no date given for when it was actually taken.

It appears to be very recent as footage taken by Joe Tegtmeyer last month shows the area to the right of the Giga Press machines having no racks to store the new castings.

The stamping area also looks much more developed than it did last month.

You can check out the full video below.

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