Honda releases Chinese EV concept lineup

Although they are still a few years away, Honda released a lineup of EV concept cars for the Chinese market.

The three concept cars are the e:N GT, e:N SUV and the e:N Coupe. The vehicles will fall under the new Honda sub-brand e:N.

e:N logo

Honda noted that the company would start selling these three EVs in the Chinese market within the next five years. The concept cars are interesting, with an angular styling and lighting set-up with horizontal and vertical light stripes that have a striking resemblance to the Cybertruck.

According to the release, production for the three e:N models will start in 2024.

In addition, Honda will establish standalone e:N dealerships in specific significant cities in China. The announcement did not provide any details on cost, specifications, availability or where the e:N dealerships will have locations.

However, North Americans should not hold their breath for Honda to bring the e:N brand to the west. The Japanese automaker may take the brand to Europe and other Asian markets, but the US and potentially Canada plans continue to focus on the Prologue electric SUV.

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