Tesla adds cameras to non-Tesla Supercharger pilot station in Norway to monitor third-party EVs [Update]

Tesla has opened up their Supercharger network to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) in several European countries, including Norway, the global leader when it comes to EV adoption.

To help improve the experience of those EV owners and others in the future, Tesla has installed a number of video cameras at at least one of the Supercharger stations involved in the pilot program in Norway.

According to a photo of a notice posted at the Supercharger station shared on the Tesla Owners Club of Norway Facebook group (via @ottoKristoffers), Tesla says the cameras have been installed “to better understand the needs of drivers of non-Tesla vehicles when charging.”

The notice goes on to say that the footage will be used to help “inform Tesla if there are any areas that could be improved.”

UPDATE 1:39pm PST: Here are some photos of the actual cameras installed at the Supercharger station, courtesy of Linn Magnussen.

When Tesla first launched the pilot program, there was a fair amount of criticism and concern that it would lead to a bad experience for existing owners.

Not only are many other EVs are not able to take advantage of the Superchargers speeds, but there is no standardization between automakers when it comes to the placement of the charge port.

This led to owners coming up with some unique parking angles to be able to plug in to a Supercharger.

Then there was also the situation where a non-Tesla EV could take up two Superchargers by parking in one spot.

This is not as obvious to spot, but in the photos below a Tesla would be parked to the left of the Supercharger pedestal. By the Audi parking to the right, it has now occupied both pedestals to the left and right of it, even though it is only plugged in to one of them.

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