Hyundai announces EV battery recall impacting 82,000 vehicles

Hyundai Motor has announced it will replace the batteries in 82,000 of their electric vehicles (EVs) due to fire risks.

The recall impacts two of Hyundai’s consumer EVs. Approximately 76,000 Kona EVs built between 2019 and 2020 will have their batteries replaced. The remaining 6,000 EVs impacted include the Ioniq and several hundred Elec City buses.

There have been 15 reported cases of fires involving the Kona EV, including two in Canada, reports Reuters.

Hyundai says the recall will cost approximate $900 million. Included in that estimate was the $35 million spent on the first recall that attempted to fix the issues through a software update to its Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Owners of impacted vehicles are being advised to only charge their batteries to 90% until they can be replaced.

Transport Canada has not yet officially added the recall to their database.

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