Watch another biker road rage against a Tesla Model 3 and break his mirror

Last week we saw a Model 3 side mirror break completely off after an incident of biker road rage that was caught on TeslaCam. Justice was served though as the culprit was tracked down after catching a glimpse of his plates on the video.

Now today it happened again to another Model 3 owner in California, Brandon Le, although this time the mirror didn’t break completely off. Le was driving along Freeway 57 in California when out of nowhere a biker emerges from traffic behind the victim, casually lane splits (legal in California), and hits his passenger side mirror as he passes. After passing him, he appears to throw his hand in the air (and maybe give him the finger?) to show his displeasure about the whole thing.

All of this was caught on Le’s TeslaCam, and you can clearly see there was no provocation from the Tesla driver to cause the biker to want to do this. Unfortunately he didn’t get a clear shot of his plate. One might think this biker was reacting to last week’s video, but then he would know he was likely being captured on camera.

(Side note – is that a Tesla both in front and behind Le?)

Hopefully this biker will get caught too.

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