Model Y and Model 3 top November car sales in Norway, Tesla continues to be the #1 car brand in 2021

Tesla, and electric vehicles (EVs) in general continue to dominate the Norwegian car market. In the month of November the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 were the country’s top selling cars.

Additionally, nine of the 10 best selling cars were electric, according to sales data from the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

Leading the pack was the the Tesla Model Y with 1,013 units sold last month.

That was more than enough to take the top spot, with the Model 3 coming in second with 771 sales.

The Volkswagen ID.4 was close behind in third with 725 sales, followed by the Audi Q4 e-tron (661) and Nissan Leaf (655).

Only the gas-powered Toyota RAV4 was able to crack into the top 10, sitting in ninth place with 481 sales.

top 10
Credit: OFV

Tesla was also the leading car brand in November, selling 510 more units than second place VW. The strong month cemented their lead as top selling car brand in 2021 by nearly 1,000 units over VW, with just one month to go in the year.

2021 sales
Credit: OFV

In terms of the overall car market in Norway last month, EVs accounted for 73.8% of all new cars registered. Add in plug-in hybrids, and that number of electrified vehicles increases to a staggering 91.2%.

November was not an anomaly. Of the 155,709 new cars registered in Norway this year, 99,922 (64%) have been electric.

If the trend continues, Norway will be able to reach their goal to phase out the sale of new gas cars early next year, three years ahead of schedule.

Norway on track to phase out new gas car sales in just 7 months – nearly 3 years ahead of what was already the world’s most ambitious target


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