Tesla’s holiday software update 2019.40.50.1 now in wide release, but Canada left out of FSD preview, and SR+ loses features [Update]

As promised by Santa Elon Musk, Tesla’s latest software update, 2019.40.50.1 is now in wide release across Canada, as users from coast-to-coast have reported getting the update on Christmas eve.

Unfortunately one of the biggest features of the software update, the improved driving visualizations that are part of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) sneak preview, is not being rolled out in Canada. Even those Tesla owners with the FSD package add-on and the HW3.0 computer are reporting no information about the driving visualizations in their release notes, and are not seeing the stop signs or stop lights while out driving.

This snub goes along with the previous software update, 2019.40.2, where Canadians did not stop sign and red light recognition and warnings if it looked like you might go through it without stopping.

If you own a Standard Range Plus (SR+) Tesla Model 3, also be aware that Canadian vehicles that upgrade to 2019.40.50.1 will no longer have access to LTE streaming of Tesla Theater and the web browser. These features now only work when connected to WiFi. This could be a sign that the Premium Connectivity package that was recently released in the US could be coming to Canada in the near future.

Tesla WiFi Theater and web browser

But there are still some great new upgrades in this latest release for Canadians, like some new games Stardew Valley and Backgammon, improved voice commands, including reading and responding to text messages, camp mode, and a few others. You can read more about the features here, or read the full release notes below.

UPDATE: SR+ owners got some surprising new features the day after the release, and streaming over LTE is back. More details here.

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