Tesla Model 3 Project Highland to feature updated headlights, side mirrors, and some interior updates: Report

Tesla has been working on Project Highland, a design refresh for the Model 3, for well over one year now. As we get closer to the launch of the refresh design, more details are emerging about what might be changing on Tesla’s popular electric sedan.

Over the last few months we have seen several sightings of Project Highland Model 3s, with the front and rear of the vehicles covered in camouflage. According to a report from Not A Tesla App, that camouflage is hiding redesigned headlights. No specific details on the redesigned headlights were provided, only that they will be a different shape than the current generation of headlights that have been on the Model 3 since its launch in 2018. Tesla has since updated the internals of the headlights to introduce Matrix LED technology, but this technology has not been enabled through a software update, and it is unclear if it will be added to these newly redesigned headlights.

That camouflage is also reportedly hiding a new front bumper camera, which will be located in the lower vent area of the front bumper, similar to the bumper cam on the Cybertruck prototypes. We have been expecting more cameras to be added to the front and rear bumpers of Model 3 (and Model Y) with the implementation of Hardware 4 (HW4), but according to the report there will no new cameras on the rear bumper.

However there will reportedly be new cameras added to the side of the car, with the side repeater featuring two cameras. One of those will face the same orientation it is now, while a second will be added to look more more towards the front and side of the vehicle. Here is a crude mockup of how the side repeater could look if the report is accurate, created by Twitter user @fel_ix. (via @TeslaLisa)

Something not hiding behind the camouflage is an update side mirror design, which hasn’t yet been spotted on the test vehicles. The new design will reportedly look very similar to today’s design, so don’t expect much of a change here.

There will also be some changes on the inside of the Model 3, although these are also expected to be minor. Probably the most noticeable will to the dash, where the wood trim will be removed and replaced with a fabric finish. Tesla used to use Alcantara on the headliner of some early Model 3s, and it is speculated that finish could return, but this time to the dash.

Other changes to the Model 3 with Project Highland that we have previously reported on is new 18″ and 19″ wheels. Both sets of wheels will now be finished in matte black, and we have already seen the new 18″ design on one of the test vehicles. The 19″ design will be updated as well with the spokes being “less flat” than they are now.

As to when to expect the refresh Model 3 to enter production, that reportedly won’t happen until Q3.

New 18″ Aero wheels spotted on Project Highland Tesla Model 3


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