Tesla Cyberland concept shows what a Tesla-themed amusement park could look like

Automotive fanatics currently have three car-themed theme parks – Ferrari Land in Spain, VW Autostadt in Germany, and Toyota Megaweb in Japan.

What would a Tesla-inspired theme park look like?

Car lease comparison website Car Lease Fetcher has encapsulated Tesla’s essence in a quirky theme park design. The full park map is futuristic, nestled in a desert setting.

Tesla Cyberland

Eager park-goers enter through park gates which are styled like Tesla Superchargers. They can experience Tesla product launches first-hand in the Tesla Amphitheatre.

To let out all their pent-up excited energy, they can bash into their friends on the Cybertruck dodgems. Or they can zoom at breakneck speed on the Underground Tunnel Roller Coaster, a Tesla and Boring Company collaboration.

Cyberland CybertrucksCyberland roller coaster

If that’s not enough, they can join Starman on the stomach-jerking SpaceX rocket launcher.

Cyberland Flacon Heavy

For easy access around the park, visitors can hop and off the Hyperloop train service – a superior incarnation of the Disneyland Railroad. If they like that, they can hop inside the Hyperloop Simulator and pick from a number of top-speed routes around the world.

Cyberland Hyperloop

The Flying Cars Swing ride offers the best views of the park and the desert landscape beyond. Park-goers can strap themselves into a Tesla Model X with raised gullwing doors and head for the skies – we imagine this one would be especially fun at sunset!

Cyberland swing ride

When guests need a break from all the ups and downs and loop-the-loops, they can take things at a slower pace and let the kids roam the Mars Playground or the Self-Driving school track.

And when everyone’s stomach has finally settled, hungry visitors can enjoy some grub at a Tesla Semi food truck.

Before leaving, everyone can hit up the Tesla Cyberlander shop for the essential t-shirts and mugs, then hop back on the Hyperloop towards the car park.

In true Tesla eco-conscious spirit, the park is run on renewable energy supplied by a nearby Gigafactory.

Would you visit a Tesla-themed amusement park?

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