Hertz customers in Canada and US can now access their Tesla rental through the mobile app

Tesla has made life a lot easier for customers when they rent one of their cars through Hertz with new software that allows them full access through the official Tesla mobile app. Not only will this give Tesla owners access to some of their own settings in a rental, it also opens up the full Tesla experience to non-owners, something that could one day convert them into owners.

Hertz made a major move towards electrification with an announcement back in 2021 that it was buying up to 100,000 Tesla vehicles for its rental fleet. Since then Tesla rentals through Hertz have proven to be popular, but one of the features that owners love so much about the Tesla experience was missing from the rental experience – being able to access and control the car through the mobile app. Instead Hertz rental customers were given a key card.

Now Tesla has added new software that allows any Hertz rental customer to use the official mobile app. The automaker announced on X that “all Hertz rentals in the US now allow full Tesla app access.” The added bonus for Tesla owners renting a car through Hertz is that their personal profile settings will transfer if you have cloud profiles set up in your own car.

Making it as easy as possible all you have to do to add the rental to the mobile app is simply scan a QR code that appears on the main display. Then you can use your mobile device as a key, remotely precondition the cabin, and perform all of the other functions available through the app.

While the announcement only mentioned the US, we can confirm that this feature is also available on Hertz Tesla rentals in Canada. Drive Tesla was notified last week after a Hertz customer in Toronto rented a Model Y and was prompted with the same QR code to add the vehicle to the mobile app.

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