Tesla finally starts construction of Brockville Supercharger [Ontario]

Yes, you read that correctly. Six years after it was first announced Tesla has finally started construction of a Supercharger station in Brockville, Ontario.

The Brockville Supercharger has been talked about for so long that it has become a running joke amongst Tesla owners in Ontario. The site was first announced all the way back in 2018, and originally expected to built at SmartCentres Brockville (1942 Parkedale Ave.). However nothing materialized, with Tesla pushing the targeted opening date back time and time again, despite it being one of the most requested locations for a new Supercharger in Canada.

Hope that the Brockville Supercharger might finally get built was revived in October 2022 when Tesla accidentally published the addresses of upcoming stations, including Brockville, indicating it was going to be built at 2399 Parkedale Ave., just up the road from SmartCentres.

More than a year later and construction has finally started, but on the other side of the 401 in the parking lot next to the Dairy Queen at 125 Steward Blvd., according to a photo shared on the Tesla Owners Kingston Facebook group by Zumil Damji.

From the picture it appears as though Tesla installed their prefabricated Superchargers, which are installed in banks of 4 stalls each. We can see two prefabricated banks in this photo, indicating it will be at least 8 stalls, but hopefully much larger than that.

If any of our readers are in the area and can check it out for us, please send us photos to tips@driveteslacanada.ca or tag us on X (@driveteslaca).

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