Tesla launches Model Y Long Range RWD in Europe

Tesla has launched a new Model Y Long Range (LR) Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) in most European countries. This is the same variant that was initially offered when the Model Y was unveiled in 2019, but later cancelled in 2021 before it was ever built.

According to an update to the online configurator in 19 European countries, the Model Y LR RWD is the second most affordable Model Y, sitting above the entry-level RWD variant and below the LR All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variant.

The new variant is now the longest range Model Y, capable of 600km of range on a full charge, based on the WLTP rating schedule and when equipped with the standard 19″ Gemini wheels. This figure drops to 565km when opting for the 20″ Induction wheels.

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This compares to 455km on the base RWD and 533km on the LR with the 19″ wheels. Acceleration figures also sit in the middle, able to reach 100km/h in 5.9 seconds, a full 1 second faster than the RWD but 0.9 seconds slower than the LR AWD.

This difference in specs between the variants is due to the Model Y LR RWD featuring the same 79kWh battery pack as the LR AWD, but of course having only a single motor at the rear wheels.

Tesla says the Model Y LR RWD is the lowest cost per kilometer in the electric SUV market, coming in at 14.9 kWh/100 km.

Here is the full list of countries where the Model Y LR RWD can be purchased.

  • Austria
  • Czechia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Romania
  • Hungary
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