Tesla Model Y structured battery pack is replaceable in 314 steps

battery removal

According to the Tesla Service Manual, one can remove the new Model Y structural battery pack with 4680 cells in 143 steps.

While it takes another 171 steps to replace the pack.

So, 314 steps to entirely remove and replace your structural battery pack on your Model Y!

All of this comes from Tesla’s official Service Manuals which were made free last night, with Twitter user Brian Krause spotting the section on how to replace the structural battery pack.

As we reported last night, you can now access all of Tesla’s manuals and repair information by signing up for a $0 annual subscription.

The new Model Y structural body cells are part of the actual structure of the vehicle. This innovation is excellent for mass-producing the car and is equivalent to the Giga Press diecasting process. However, it leads to a complicated and evidently lengthy process to replace if needed.

The good news for most Model Y owners is that you will never have to replace the structural body cell. Tesla designed to cell to outlast the vehicle, but there will be rare instances when a replacement is needed.

Hopefully you will never have to experience this yourself, but at least Tesla has made the information available to everyone.

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