Tesla’s launch in Israel delayed until second half of 2021, Model Y to arrive soon for testing

Tesla had initially hoped to launch in Israel in January 2020, but delays mean the automaker won’t be expanding into the new international market until the second half of 2021.

The delay has been caused by several issues. The first is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted industries and travel all around the world. Expansion efforts were further hampered by the departure of Ilan Benano, who was tasked to set up the country’s first Service Center.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the delay has been because of difficulties in obtaining an import license from the country’s Ministry of Transport, according to Globes.

The delays haven’t stopped word behind the scenes though. The automaker is reportedly close to completing the purchase of a service garage in central Israel. The company has also started a Request for Information (RFI) about the various electric charging suppliers in the country.

Tesla will reportedly also bring a Model Y into the country in early 2021 in order to test the vehicle to make sure it meets Israeli standards.

Bringing vehicles into the country isn’t the only avenue of expansion for Tesla. Earlier this year we reported Tesla was in discussions with several prominent companies in Israel’s insurance and financial sectors in the hopes of launching its own insurance product in the country.

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