Tesla pushes Model S and X deliveries in Germany back to March 2021, hinting at possible refresh

Tesla Model S and X at Supercharger

Yesterday Drive Tesla was first to report on some major price changes in Europe, with some countries seeing a €5,000 ($7,700 CAD) jump in price for the Model S and Model X.

The initial speculation for the reason behind the price increases was an impending refresh to both vehicles. Rumours of a change to the two electric vehicles is nothing new, with the designs of the Model S basically the same since it was released in 2012.

According to leaks and rumours, a refresh was supposed to happen as far back as 2017, but has so far yet to materialize. Earlier this year there was also a rumoured “Project Palladium” at Tesla which involved new production lines for updated versions of both vehicles.

With a refresh to the Model 3 now out of the way, it looks like Tesla might be preparing to finally release a new Model S and Model X very soon.

Before the price change yesterday in Germany, delivery dates for both the Model S and Model X were estimated to be just a few weeks from placing your order.

Now after the price change, those dates have been pushed all the way back to March 2021. Germany Model S delivery estimate March

According to information received by Drive Tesla, the new Model S and X design could feature a single cast for the front and rear of the vehicle. We first thought this unibody design was going to be introduced in the Model Y after the new Giga Press machines were installed at Fremont earlier this year. Could Tesla surprise as and bring it to the Model S and X as well?

Tesla typically prioritizes production early in a quarter for export to Europe. If new versions are indeed coming soon, we expect the automaker to announce it soon.

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