Tesla is opening a fourth Austin showroom and service center

It looks like Tesla will open a new showroom and service center in Austin, Texas, within the next year.

According to a report by The Real Deal, the new location will be in a renovated one-story building in northeast Austin. To attract Tesla to the space, Boyd Watterson Asset Management, the building owner, is sinking $1.5 million into renovations.

With a cost of $29 per square foot, this is not a small renovation but should provide an ideal space for Tesla to show off their vehicles. Chipman Design Architecture will be the designer in the space. Both the designer and building owner are located in Illinois.

UPDATE September 20, 2022: Here are the plans for the 50,000 square foot building uncovered by @MarcoRPTesla.


Austin, of course, is home to Giga Texas and is the headquarters of Tesla.

Elon Musk’s other two companies, SpaceX and the Boring Company, also have facilities in and around Austin.

Tesla did not confirm any reports on this new building.

This will be the fourth Tesla showroom in the Texas capital and should be ready by the end of February 2023.

For those in the Austin area who want to check out the renovations, the new showroom will be at 2323 Ridgepoint Drive.

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