Tesla is sponsoring MLSysConf, owns a top 7 GPU supercluster globally

Tesla has been confirmed as the sponsor of the Machine Learning & Systems Conference, MLSYS. The company will also showcase its newly upgraded GPU.

The American automaker boasts an upgraded GPU supercomputer, the 7360 A-100(80 GB) GPU. The supercluster is now among the top 7 globally.

The 80 GB version of the NVIDIA A100 was launched in 2020. It has a memory bandwidth of over 2 terabytes per second.

The NVIDIA A100 80 GB is capable of 3x speedup, allowing it to train some of the largest models using more parameters.

The MLSYS conference is in-person, and participants must wear masks, be vaccinated, and observe social distancing. Its purpose is to compile best practices and design principles in machine learning, ML.

Tesla will maintain a booth that will try to recruit talents for its AI team. The conference opens on August 29th and closes on September 1st. However, Tesla has lined up another September 30th event called AI Day, where it might reveal a humanoid robot it has been working on.

Drive Tesla will be the first to bring you details of the two events.

Source: Teslarati

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