Tesla holds the #1 spot in worldwide 2020 EV sales

It may not be surprising to many, but Tesla has beaten out the world’s top automotive brands in 2020 when it comes to electric vehicle sales.

According to the latest figures from January to September 2020, Tesla has sold more than 316,000 vehicles around the world. That gives the the California automaker a massive 26% share of the battery electric vehicle (BEV) market.

The number is even more impressive when you see second place Volkswagen was in a distant second with 113,000 EV sales. The only other automaker to crack 100,000 EV sales was Renault, with 109,095.


Even if you add in plug-in hybrid vehicle sales, Tesla still comes out on top, but by a smaller margin. In this segment, Tesla holds an impressive 18% market share, with the same automakers in the top 3 spots.


These figures come after we reported earlier this week that Tesla has sold more EVs in the US in 2020 than every other automaker combined

Tesla’s annual guidance is still aiming for 500,000 vehicles sales in 2020. This target is within reach, even after a 2-month shutdown of their factory in Fremont, which makes the majority of their vehicles.

With Giga Berlin and Giga Texas expected to open next year, the future is looking very bright for Tesla.

Source: EV Sales via InsideEVs

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